Each of us are simply genetic links from the past into the future!

Our destiny is to continue and improve our species.

We all know how to continue our species, it is programed into us via our hormones.
As for improving our species, we need to provide a good family life for our
children, and nourish and guide them, to always improve.

The great American Dream is that we have the opportunity to advance to our highest level.
We must keep learning and doing until our time is over.

We need to find new worlds to live in
colonize these new worlds
to insure our species survives
Until the end of the universe, and beyond!

Knowledge is the key to the path, and "doing" is the vehicle of acheivement.

Welcome, and remember God dwells within!

What a wonder full World of Siesko Pictures

Credits A production of the Office of Public Outreach at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI); Producer: John Stoke; Director: Frank Summers; Writers: John Stoke and Frank Summers; Visualization Leads: Greg Bacon and Frank Summers; Narrator: Barbara Feldon; Music: Jon Serrie Production: June 24, 2004 Publication: September 23, 2016